ADR 02 is a stainless steel disinfection device allowing automatic disinfection of hands by spraying disinfectant. The built-in system responds to the insertion of a hand into the interior of the device, where aerosol spraying takes place automatically.

ADR 02 is designed to work in public areas where the possibility of vandalism or theft of a disinfectant can be expected.

Priority of ADR 02 is:

  1. Ensure non-contact function.
    In the public areas, it is not possible to use the pump of the disinfection container. The system works without contact when the hand is inserted, the sensor detects movement and the dose of disinfectant solution is sprayed on the hand. The dose can be set in the service mode in the range 1-1.5ml.
  2. Ensure longer and maintenance-free operation time.
    Disinfectant liquid cannot be continuously replenished in public areas. Inside the device there is a 3 liter canister with disinfection liquid placed. 3 liters is is more than 2000 doses. The level of disinfection can be monitored by means of a sight glass.
  3. Ensure resistance to vandalism and theft of disinfectant solution.
    Unfortunately, even today’s situation is such that some do not prevent the alienation and destruction of things that serve everyone. The whole device is made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel sheet, which makes it sufficiently resistant to vandalism. The canister with disinfectant is inside the dispenser, accessible after unlocking the lock.

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