Cubicle system Toilets, showers and other use

The cubicle system represents a modern trend in separating interior premises in sanitary facilities. They can separate not only the individual toilets and showers, but the variability of these partitions also enables separating the entire “bare” interior premises of the building into several cubicles. Appropriate accessories may include curtains, shelves and partitions (e.g. for urinals) or even whole wash panels with integrated sinks and taps.
The system is a combination of non-moistening boards and aluminium fixing and bearing parts. It is also available in a lot of colour combinations.
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Other colours to order…

  • COMPACT hardened boards with a thickness of 13 mm (higher series up to 35 mm)
  • 100% resistance to water, non-moistening
  • colour fastness
  • highly resistant to mechanical damage
  • aluminium profiles
  • 600 mm wide doors
  • massive fittings – occupation signalisation
  • hinges avoiding pinching of fingers
  • legs with the height of 180 mm
  • total height of cubicles 2000 mm
  • opening with a tool from outside
  • vandal-proof
  • long duration
  • resistance to water
  • stainless structure – aluminium
  • easy cleaning – cubicles on legs

Příklady možného provedení kabinky pro WC a sprchu

Příklady možného provedení kabinky pro WC a sprchu