ZAS 5 token-operated shower automat for shower containers

ZAS 5.2 is a couple of wall-mounted token automats designated for paid take-off of hot water in two shower cabins. Its assembly does not require any additional interference into the walling of container or shower cabin. Delivery consists of electromagnetic valve with water meter and thermostatic valve for lowering the temperature of outflowing water from boiler.
Description of the function:
After inserting the token, the user is given preset amount of hot water, which he can operate by pressing the START/STOP piezo button. The amount of remaining water is indicated on a column LED display on the shower panel – visible from the shower cabin. Hot water stops flowing after the credit has been used up – cold water will keep running without credit.
Standard version is intended for control of hot water consumption in the shower cabin. Other versions possible on request – e.g. control of hot and cold water, control of premixed water, control hot water distribution into the washbasins, etc.

Package contents

  • Wall-mounted token automat for two showers
  • Signalling of remaining water for two showers
  • Shower panel with thermostat and controlled outputs of hot water into two showers and uncontrolled output of hot water into washbasin
  • Connecting cables with marking
  • Fixing material
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
ZAS 5.2 On demand On demand
Power supply 12 V, 50 Hz – recommended source of power supply ZAC 1/50
Power requirement max 15 VA, in resting time 3 VA
Time of water flow 10 s - 42,5 min in 10 s steps – recommended 3 min
Time spent in shower cabin 10 s - 42,5 min in 10 s steps – recommended 6 min
Adjustable water temperature 30°C - 60°C – recommended water temperature 40°C


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