TRM stainless steel turnstiles

TRM is a stainless steel electro-mechanical turnstile intended for the through pass regulation of individuals. The turnstile is one-way in right or left versions. TRM 01 is intended for connection to hand disinfectant ADR 01.3 and after pressing a button enables also a back stroke. The back stroke can be conditioned by using another device, e.g. a washing system for shoes. This variant needs to be specified when ordering.

The devices are intended to be wall mounted or in combination with a STR 01 column for installation on the floor.

Package contents

  • device body
  • turning arms
  • driving unit (only TRM 01)
  • blocking unit (only TRM 02)

ADR 01.3 – automatic hand disinfectant
STR 01 – column for TRM

Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
STR 01 On demand On demand
TRM 01 On demand On demand
TRM 01
Electricity protection IP 55
Power supply 12 V, 50 Hz
Power requirement 24 VA
Source of power supply ZAC 1/50 (max. 2 x TRM 01)
Dimensions (l x w x h) 870 x 830 x 810 mm
Device capacity 20 individuals per minute
Weight 30 kg
STR 01
Dimensions (l x w x h) 350 x 350 x 1 050 mm
Weight 15 kg
  • Setup cable for power supply – 12 V, 50 Hz from source of power supply ZAC (only TRM 01)

    • C
      electricity supply


  • T
    reverse run button