VLH 01 stainless steel sewer

VLH 01 is a stainless steel sewer intended for built-in application to a base construction. It is equipped with a hose cantilever. The stainless steel sewer is installed in a concrete or a bricked base that has to be under the whole sewer. The effluvial cover is not part of the sewer and as to be ordered separately. The cantilever for the hose is placed near the sewer. The cantilever is equipped with a spherical valve which serves as the main water cap. Up to 10 meters of a hose, 20 mm in diameter ended with a pressure nozzle can be fitted on the cantilever. This configuration is intended for camps, petrol stations and highway lay-bays where it is used to empty waste containers from caravans and other mobile equipment.

Package contents

  • sink
  • cantilever with spherical valve
  • hose – 6 m
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
VLH 01 On demand On demand
Inner dimensions 600 x 600 mm
Total dimensions 670 x 670 x 170 mm
Outlet d = 90 mm
Weight 7,5 kg
Dimensions 400 x 200 x 120 mm
Water inlet 1/2”
Max. hose length 100 m (d = 10 mm)
Weight without hose 2,5 kg
  • Set up base construction for the sink as per picture
  • Set up water inlet for the hose – inner pipe G 1/2”
  • Set up outlet for the sink d = 90 mm
  • Set up stainless steel profile 25 x 25 from the front edge above the sink approx. 200 mm which serves for leaning containers when being emptied.
  • Explanation of materials:
  • Substructure from B12,5 concrete reinforced by wire net 6,0 –100-100 mm
  • Tiles from ceramics strips into glue or cement mortar
  • Base construction from B 12,5 concrete with wire net 6,0 mm, mesh 100/100mm
  • Gravel-sand sub-base