PZ 02 slotted draining trough

PZ 02 is a stainless steel floor trough with longitudinal slot for water draining. Outlet d = 50 mm is located on left or right side, directed outwards.
With order it is necessary to specify if the outlet should be on left or right side (front view). The trough can be equipped with adjustable screews for levelling the floor unevenness and is offered in three standard lengths – 800, 900 and 1500 mm. Other custom-made lengths are possible.

Package contents

  • Draining floor trough
  • Grating
  • Adjustable screews (only for version including adjustable screews)
  • Outlet d = 50 mm as per picture
  • Suitabale hole in the floor for the trough
  • Set-up waste piping as per picture
  • Set-up dampproofing as per construction project


Data for projectants