DSO 01 Disinfecting station with ford, shoe wash, hand disinfection and crossbar

DSO 01 is disinfecting equipment ensuring hygiene limiting the access to and exit from an operational area with a system of brushes, sensors and an electric crossbar.
When entering the protected area, one cannot pass without washing the shoe soles and disinfecting hands. Entry into the shoe wash area activates the drive of four horizontal rotary brushes and water diluted with a detergent starts flowing from the nozzles. Passing the brushes, the personnel disinfects their shoes. The personnel then passes to hand disinfection. An integrated system responds to the concurrent insertion of both hands to the equipment internal area where they are automatically sprayed with aerosol. When the defined procedure is complied with, a green light goes on, the crossbar is lifted and the personnel may pass. Otherwise, the red light goes on and if the personnel do not repeat the defined procedure, the crossbar prevents passage.
For leaving the protected area, there is the back passage button installed on the crossbar and hand disinfection is not required. The shoe wash must be done as like upon entry, while there are also vertical brushes installed for shank washing. Having left the DSO, the brushes stop automatically. For cleaning the equipment, the individual brushes including the screen can be removed and re-installed without any tools. Equipment can be put out of operation by pressing the CENTRAL STOP button.
The disinfecting station is to be installed on the floor and fitted with adjustable feet for balancing the floor unevenness. The waste outlet is above the floor level.
A can with disinfecting agent is not included in the supply; it can be ordered under Order No. 1114 0004 00 (SANITASE disinfecting agent, 25 l can).

Complete supply

  • equipment body with motors and gearbox
  • electronic device with sensors
  • rotary brush (7 pieces)
  • hand disinfection
  • electromechanical crossbar
  • trafficable grid
  • removable grid
  • adjustable legs
Water supply G 1/2“
Water pressure 0.1-1.0 MPa
Drain G 2“ without stink trap
Protection IP 55
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Input 1200 W
Dimensions (l x w x h) 2700 x 1090 x 1630
Water temperature max. 42°C
Recommended disinfecting agent SANITASE 25 litres (order No.1114 0004 00)
AHD 2000 5 litres
Weight 290 kg


  • Prepare the water supply as illustrated.
  • Prepare drain G 2" through the waste trap.
  • Prepare the 230 V, 50 Hz power supply that needs to be connected via a switch appropriate for the given environment.
  • Prepare the compressed air supply.


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