AUP 19 ceramic Apollo urinal with a thermal sensor

AUP 19 is a ceramic Apollo urinal using a thermal sensor for contactless control that reacts to temperature changes in the siphon after the use of the urinal. This thermal sensor generates a signal that is analyzed by the electronics, opens the electromagnetic valve and operates the flushing of the urinal. After 24 hours inactivity the urinal flushes itself.
The thermal sensor does not react to people standing near or passing by. The time setting for flushing is carried out without remote control. It is defined by switching off the source as per the maintenance manual.
The construction of the flushing system enables easy assembly simply by connecting it to the hoses and putting it into ceramics. The flushing system is protected against mechanical damage, even willful, as all components are placed in the ceramics body.
The ceramic urinal AUP 19 is intended for social facilities where the user’s comfort and the maintenance of hygiene is required at maximum water savings.

Package contents

  • ceramic Apollo urinal (Cersanit)
  • thermal sensor
  • electronics
  • electromagnetic valve
  • corner valve with filter
  • self-priming siphon
  • connecting hoses
  • anchoring screw with cap – 2 sets

NP 01 – stainless steel partition for urinals

Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
AUP 19 On demand On demand
Water inlet G 1/2“
Water pressure 0,1 – 1,0 MPa
Outlet d = 50 mm
Adjustable time of flushing 1 – 20 sec. (adjusted to 5 sec.)
Power supply 12 V, 50 Hz
Power requirements 6 VA
Source of power supply ZAC 1/20 (max. 3 x AUP 19)
  ZAC 1/50 (max. 8 x AUP 19)
Weight 11,0 kg
  • Set-up water inlet, pipe 1/2“ – as per picture
  • Set-up outlet d = 50 mm
  • Set-up cable for power supply – 12 V, 50 Hz from source of power supply ZAC

  • A
    water inlet G 1/2"
  • n

  • C
    electricity supply 12V, 50Hz
  • n

  • D
    outlet d = 50 mm
  • n

  • E
    thermal sensor


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