AMS 01 automatic misting shower

The AMS 01 is an automatic spraying shower intended for cooling sausages after the heat processing. The shower consists of a control switch board with a needle thermometer (AMS 01) and an arbitrary amount of arms (RS 01). The arms rotation creates a mist that cools the sausages. The mist is switched off cyclically, thereby cooling happens in phases. This ensures moderate temperature difference between the surface and insides of the product. The water consumption is markedly lower during cyclical switching off than during constant spraying.
The completion of cooling is possible either after the lapse of a pre-set time period (AMS 01.1) or after the reach of a required temperature (AMS 01.2). The temperature is measured by an incision of the needle thermometer into the product. Cooling can be ended at any time (during a random mode) by pressing the STOP button. Each arm can be switched off separately.
One rotary arm cools one trolley of sausages.
The number of arms needs to be specified when ordering.

Package contents

AMS 01

  • control switch board
  • needle thermometer
  • electronic thermostat
  • time switcher

RS 01

  • nozzle (3 pcs)
  • brass inner screw with hold bracket
  • electromagnetic valve
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
AMS 01.1 On demand On demand
AMS 01.2 On demand On demand
AMS 01.3 On demand On demand
RS 01 On demand On demand
Water inlet G 1/2“ (RS 01)
Water pressure 0,2 – 1,0 MPa
Water consumption 4 l/min on one arm at 0,3 MPa
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz (AMS 01)
Power requirement 10 VA + 4 VA / arm
Number or rotary arms unlimited
Weight 10 kg (AMS 01), 2 kg (RS 01)
  • Setup bearing structure that enables screwing 1/2” bracket in the height approx. 400 mm above upper edge of trolley with sausages
  • Setup outlet in room
  • Setup water supply to individual arms – filter must be set in inlet for mechanical dirt removal from water
  • Setup cable CYKY 3Cx1,5

  • A
    water inlet
  • n

  • C
    electricity supply
  • n

  • R
    master switchboard
  • n

  • T