AUK 5 automatic integral capacity tap

AUK 5 is an automatic integral capacity tap with contactless control. The electronics are supplied with DC voltage of 6V from cylindrical batteries placed under the ceramics of the washbasin. It does not need any external power supply input. The electronics program guarantees that the electromagnetic valve does not open the water inlet without enough battery capacity to ensure its closing. The electronics are activated and the water starts flowing when hands approach the outflow arm. The water stops flowing after a certain delay when hands are removed from the water stream. The amount of the water flow can be adjusted by means of the spherical valves, the temperature by means of the thermostatic valves. The tap is equipped with a mechanism against excess pressure of cold and hot water.
– the outflow arm does not include any optical sensor elements but reacts to the hands approaching the tap. This is as a new technology that eliminates disadvantages of an optical sensor such as smudged or damaged optical element or an inferior sensitivity of the sensor to dark colours.

Package contents

  • outflow arm
  • electronics
  • battery holder
  • fixing strap with bracket
  • pin with nuts and pads – 2 pcs
  • hose with 1/2“cap nut – 2 pcs)
  • gasket 1/2″ – 2 pcs)
  • electromagnetic valve 2 pcs
  • stainless flexi hose – 2 pcs
  • corner valve with filter – 2 pcs
  • cylindrical batteries 1,5 V – 4 pcs
  • tube with mastic
Product code Product name Price Price (VAT)
AUK 5.TVB On demand On demand
Radius approx. 5 cm from the outflow arm
Water inlet G 1/2"
Power supply 6 V DC
After-flow period 1,5 s
Water pressure 0,2 - 0,8 MPa
Source of power supply 4 pcs of AA 1,5 V alkaline batteries
Operating life of batteries approx. 1,5 year at 100 operations a day
  • Set up water inlet, pipe 1/2" as per picture
  • Set up outlet – as per siphon
  • Set up washbasin as per picture
  • Washbasin must not be conductible (stainless steel etc.)

  • A
    COLD WATER inner pipe G 1/2"
  • n

  • B
    HOT WATER inner pipe G 1/2"
  • n

  • D